Beach Rules and Safety

City of Tybee - Beach Rules

  1. No Pets on the Beach (Current fine: $280+)

  2. No Glass or Breakable Containers

  3. No Motorized Vehicles on Beach

  4. No Littering-this includes cigarette butts!

  5. No Fires or Grilling

  6. No Disorderly Conduct

  7. No Nudity

  8. No Disturbing Dune Vegetation or Walking in the Dunes

  9. Swim Within 50 Yards of Shoreline

  10. Obey Lifeguards

  11. No Motorized Watercrafts within 1000 Feet of Waterline

  12. Surfing and Fishing Only in Designated Areas

  13. No beer kegs

  14. No Smoking on Beaches or Crosswalks ($300 fine)
  15. Visit the City's main website for complete beach & parking tips & golf cart rules:

Rip Currents and Sandbar on the South Beach

Please do not venture out on the sand bars south of Tybee Island's Main Beaches.

The sand bars n the south end of the island look deceptively easy to walk on and to explore.  The ocean is, however, unforgiving, and can take out a strong, adult swimer within just a few minutes, particularly at the turn of the tide.  Please, for your safety, for the safety of our lifegaurd s who may have to rescue you, for the safety of your family, do NOT venture out on the sand bars.  The depth at high and lowtides varies dramatically from place to place around Tybee:  you must make sure you are off the sand bars well before the tide encroaches on the sands.  They are extremely dangerous.



Beach Flag Warning System

  1. Double Red - Beach closed to public

  2. Red - High Hazard- Road conditions, such as strong surf and/or currents.

  3. Yellow - Medium Hazard - Light surf and/or currents.

  4. Green - Low Hazard - Calm conditions.

  5. Purple - Marine Pest - Jellyfish, stingrays, and dangerous fish.

Surfing on Tybee

Surfing Etiquette

These 5 rules will keep harmony in order:

  1. Don't drop in on another surfer.
  2. The Surfer closest to the peak has right-of-way
  3. Paddling surfer yields to surfer riding wave
  4. Don't ditch your board
  5. Don't be a snake