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If you came to this page looking for a long list of our services, capabilities, and strategies, we believe a better approach is a conversation with us.  In our experience, our best relationships with homeowners didn’t originate from what they learned on our Property Management Services webpage. It’s a counter-intuitive approach to growth in our business, but it has worked very well for our homeowners and our team.  

There are two key aspects we’ve found to be the true barometers for successful Property Manager and Homeowner relationships:

  1. People prefer to do business with those they know, like, and trust.

  2. The differences between Property Managers aren’t evident from the long list of services and capabilities on their websites. The differences are in their approach, strategy, and execution in applying those capabilities and services.

We’ve also found that those key aspects above are most effectively built and communicated with real conversations. In-person is great (we’re LOCAL), the phone always works, and email is still achievable.  

We have as many tools, resources, and capabilities as any other manager in the market, and we love telling homeowners how we deploy them to optimize revenues, operations, and service levels. We invite you to call, email, or fill out our quick contact form to learn more.


Corey Jones

Owner -Tybee Cottages and Lucky Savannah


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