Beach Rules

Tybee Sign
  1. No Pets on the Beach (Current fine: $280+)

  2. No Glass or Breakable Containers

  3. No Motorized Vehicles on Beach

  4. No Littering-this includes cigarette butts!

  5. No Fires or Grilling

  6. No Disorderly Conduct

  7. No Nudity

  8. No Disturbing Dune Vegetation or Walking in the Dunes

  9. Swim Within 50 Yards of Shoreline

  10. Obey Lifeguards

  11. No Motorized Watercrafts within 1000 Feet of Waterline

  12. Surfing and Fishing Only in Designated Areas

  13. No beer kegs

  14. No Smoking on Beaches or Crosswalks ($300 fine)

  15. Visit the City's main website for complete beach & parking tips & golf cart rules: