Transportation on and off the island

Turtle Transportation

Tybee Island is a compact island measuring just three miles in length and one mile in width, making it easily accessible on foot. However, suppose you prefer a quicker and more convenient mode of transportation. In that case, several options are available, including bicycles, scooters, golf carts, and taxis, to get you to your desired destinations. Whether you're heading to the beach, local restaurants, or shops on Tybee Island, here are some recommended transportation choices:

1. Tybee Island Bike and Golf Cart Rentals

  • TIMS Bike and Beach Gear: Offers a wide range of adult and kids bikes, tandems, trailers, pull-behind child carriers, strollers, umbrellas, chairs, carts, bocce balls, cribs, high chairs, and more. They provide free delivery and pick-up services and have two shops on the island, one on the north end and one on the south end.
  • Fat Tire Bikes: Provides adult and kids bikes, including beach cruiser bikes, tricycles, and beach crushers. They also offer full-service bicycle repair and have bike parts for sale.

2. Tybee Golf Carts

  • Tybee Golf Carts offers the convenience of having your own personal golf cart to explore the island. They offer both gas and electric carts and provide free delivery and pick-up services. All sizes of carts are available for rent.

3. Tybee Island Taxi Services

  • Breezy Riders: Known for their hot pink vehicles, Breezy Riders offer 24/7 taxi services and even provide food delivery from Tybee Island restaurants.
  • Tybee Turtle Transit: This open-air taxi shuttle service covers all of Tybee Island. In addition to taxi services, Tybee Turtle also offers island tours and food delivery. They can accommodate up to 32 people for tours, parties, or weddings.
  • Islands Taxi: A 24-hour taxi company with 2 vans and 2 Crown Victoria vehicles. They can transport people, bicycles, wheelchairs, pets, and deliver packages with comfort and style on the beach. Simply call 912.786.8668 to book their services.

Whether you're looking for a leisurely bike ride, the convenience of a golf cart, or the speed of a taxi, Tybee Island offers a variety of transportation options to suit your preferences and needs.