How to Get Around on Tybee Island

Taxi and Golf Cart Rental:

Island Hoppers - 912-656-0805

Islands Taxi - 912-786-8688

Breezy Riders - 912-786-7176


Pizza Delivery:

Lighthouse Pizza (after 5pm)- 912-786-9874

Pizza on Wheels - 912-786-5870


Cocktails on Tybee:

  • you may now buy alcohol on Sundays on Tybee.
  • it is illegal for a person to drink any alcohol from a can, bottle or glass or to possess alcohol in open cans, bottles or glasses on public streets, parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, or the beach (this includes your cooler even thought you might be pouring it into a plastic cup).
  • Tybee City law allows possession and consumption of alcohol on the street of one alcoholic beverage in an open plastic container of not more than 16 ounces; no glass or breakable containers are allowed.
  • drink responsibly
  • do not drink and drive (anything with a motor in it) or you will get a DUI.
  • if you become intoxicated in public (or on a bike) you could be charged.